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Join our Startup Community with a personal monthly membership. Membership gives access to the creative community in our incubator,  FREE wifi, on-site parking, hot desk access to the Cafe' or cubicle and the ability to rent meeting and conference rooms and activity spaces. Sponsoring Members receive a hot link listing on our website and access to our networking events and Happy Hours on Fridays. Support this local startup community with a Sponsoring Membership today. Monthly recurring memberships can be canceled with notifications.


BioSci Labs is space to create, innovate, network, and grow within a commercial setting. BioSci Labs is a space for entrepreneurs and start-up stage businesses in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Manufacturing) fields to organize and develop with the support and infrastructure of successful and established anchor companies.


Please enquire about business and corporate sponsorships at

9-5pm access.

Hot desk access to the Cafe' or cubicle

on-site parking


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