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BioSci Labs to host commercialization workshop

July 05, 2017

BioSci Labs, an incubator for startup companies in science, technology and engineering fields, will hold its first networking event on Tuesday, July 11.

The event, “First Steps to Commercializing Your Invention,” will feature a keynote address by Dr. John Jarrell,  owner of BioSci Labs, which launched in April as the state’s first commercial wet-lab space.


In addition to the four commercial laboratories made available for startups in bioscience fields, the 141,000-square-foot BioSci Labs space, formerly occupied by GTECH, also provides co-working space available for rent at between $149 and $995 per month, depending on whether the space is shared or private.

“Our emphasis here is on taking technologies and creating commercially recognizable products around those technologies, and having a resource where that can happen in Rhode Island,” said Jarrell in an interview with Providence Business News. “There are no commercially available wet-lab spaces in Rhode Island.”


Coventry wet labs give space to innovate

June 02, 2017

Creating a shared space where companies can make and test new products, with access to affordable, functioning laboratories, was the goal of BioSci Coventry LLC owners John D. Jarrell, Elizabeth Stone and Spike Stone. The business, launched in January, includes the BioSci Labs incubator, which will have four labs for startups, as well as a…

Building a support team for the medtech startup community

May 26, 2017

John D. Jarrell | Material Science Associates LLC president, BioSci Labs founder For people who dare to make real their dreams and transform them into things visible, the road to success can be long and the costs both figurative and literal. It’s not just time, sweat, blood and tears that entrepreneurs need, but energy and…​

Med tech incubator, BioSci Labs, launches in Coventry

April 24, 2017

 An incubator for startup companies in the science, technology and engineering fields has opened in Coventry, in a manufacturing facility that will provide Rhode Island with much-needed commercial wet lab space. The incubator, called BioSci Labs, is focused on creating a community for med-tech, and will include four commercial laboratories,…

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